Gregory Butler is an innovative leader with 20 years’ experience driving strategies and partnerships for engagement & revenue related to content, media and IP. A collaborative leader, he gets the most out of people and resources to achieve and exceed goals.

That’s what it says on LinkedIn, and professionally, it’s accurate – but it’s the result of years of experience and learning, about himself and others, and discovering the through lines of his life:

Communication & Strategic Thinking

He’s had multiple record deals as an artist and has worked on over 60 records as a producer, writer, mixer or remixer. He could have been pigeonholed as a ‘musician’, but his success came through his ability to manage bands (lead), get noticed (marketing) and cut deals with major labels (negotiate). As Gregory shifted his career to music for picture, having transitioned from London to Los Angeles, he also began consulting companies on the uses of computers and software in their fields. It felt so natural that he didn’t even notice that he was transforming his career.

He took a position as the first management team member for Native Instruments in the US, launching some of the most successful products in the company’s history, and revolutionizing the way the entire industry handled their sales channels and educational relationships.

Gregory was officially a business leader, so next up was becoming an entrepreneur (well, becoming one again). He helped some friends start a computer company, and soon after joined them in PCAudioLabs as a partner, scaling from a garage startup into one of the world’s leading systems integrators for audio production and broadcast, available in over 250 stores across the world. After a successful exit in 2012, he went all ‘Fortune 500’,  joining Harman International to lead their Lexicon brand (makers of the world’s leading reverb software and hardware, found in everything from cars to movie theaters, music studios to stadiums).

The projects were big – but he could see the future was small, the size of a smart phone, small.

That’s when he decided to join Irish start up GodleyWood, makers of the Youdio App. With backing from some of the largest VC’s and private investors in Europe, Youdio allowed him to bring his relationships and skill set to a whole new level, creating TV formats with Ryan Seacrest Productions, placing a series at MTV, negotiating deals with major labels and raising capital, all while living 5,000 miles from his team.

Currently the acting CEO for ROWL, owners of multiple platforms including the #1 App for reminders on Android and eCard leader Open Me, Gregory is changing how people engage with life’s most important moments.

Simultaneously, he has ‘moonlighted’ as an Executive Producer for television, advised multiple startups/major corporations, chaired Gala’s for My Friends Place featuring Jack Black, Halsey & Lee Daniels to raise funds/national awareness for homeless youth, provided families on skid row with shoes via HavaSole, and supported the community in MacArthur Park with Levitt Los Angeles.


Lives In:Los Angeles
Remote Teams:Dublin, Warsaw, Buenos Aires, Portland, Salt Lake City
Genres:Technology, Content, Media, Entertainment, Philanthropy
Known For:Leadership, Strategy, Partnerships
Professional Skills:Agile Methodology, Public Speaking
Unprofessional Skills:Camping, Rafting, Backgammon
Alma Mater:Dublin Institute of Technology
Causes:Homelessness, Community Services
Spouse:Dr. Michelle Waters-Butler
Favorite Authors:Camus, Gibran, Borges
Favorite Film Quote:‘I don’t see any method…at all.’ – Apocalypse Now


5 out of 6 ain’t bad

“Gregory is effective in both strategy and execution, and a measured and balanced individual in his communication. He also has a wicked sense of humor that brings fun to everything he does.”

Kathy Mandato, CHRO, WarnerMedia Group

“An innovative and thoughtful strategist, who raises the ambition of any team he works with, Gregory is also a gifted operating executive with the connections and tactical experience to get the job done.”

David Jarrett, CEO, Rootstrap

“Did our first deal together when I was leading a content team at Microsoft 15 years ago, and still making stuff happen together – Greg is dope as sh*t”

Arif Gursel, Product & Global Ecosystems Partnerships, Heroku

“Gregory possesses a rare mix of creativity and  business acumen that brings enormous value to the table – qualities that are vital for true innovation.”

Sulinna Ong, Head of Music, Spotify
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“Greg’s really clever, and his strategic vision and business approach have earned him a lot of respect in the blockchain world.”

Brian D. Evans, Writer, Forbes & Influencive

“We met once at some conference or something. He’s okay I guess. I mean, I meet lots of people, how should I know?”

Rick Sanchez, @ This Dimension



My hands are full right now, but I’m always interested to learn more, and explore ideas.